History of the Billiard-Sportfreunde Goch from 1939 e.V.

It all began on June 14, 1939 in the Kattelans restaurant on Voßheider Straße with the then tenant Anton Welmsen, where Albert van Hall, Bernd Schraven, Josef Baldeaux, Paul Jansen and Anton Voß came together for the founding meeting. Despite the war and the resulting drafts, the number of members continued to rise. Albert van Hall, who was elected first chairman, had his hands full maintaining the game operations and club life. The war forced the billiards players of the BC “Zur Heide” into emergency quarters in the community beer house after the club's restaurant was closed. After a short time the gates were closed here too; They found a new place to stay in the Katmann restaurant. When the front reached Goch, the game ended in 1944.
End of war

After the end of the war, like everywhere else, there was great chaos and confusion in Goch. One by one, members returned from captivity or evacuation. After a while they met to resume gaming, which was a difficult undertaking given the circumstances at the time, as of the approximately 30 billiard tables only one table could be found at Köppers on Weezer Straße and that also had parts of the cloth were missing. Never before was billiards played under such primitive conditions as in those days.


In the winter of 46/47, Anton Kattelans managed, with a lot of effort and schnapps, to bring an old wine rice billiards from Cologne to his restaurant. The billiards club was happy to be able to move back into the old club premises and start playing. At the city championship, which was held for the first time, Albert van Hall won the title, which he successfully defended the following year against competition from the Gocher billiards club in 1935 and against the then billiards department of FC Concordia Goch. Even in the years that followed, the BC “Zur Heide” Goch players were always at the top in individual and team championships. In addition to sport, socializing was also not neglected. The cap meetings during the carnival season and trips to the Ahr and Moselle were famous and infamous.

On June 7, 1947, the then world champion in the art kick, August Tiedtke, was in Weberstadt and showed his skills against Albert van Hall. In the cadre he won 400:136 in 16 shots and in the three cushion 40:12 in 32 shots.

In 1948, gaming operations resumed in the Kleve district. Nine clubs joined the KKBG. Our first team immediately became district champions and Albert van Hall became the first individual champion of the post-war period. In 1953 the first team won the title for the 6th time in a row in the top division; Willi Arnold grew into a Goch billiards legend, becoming district champion of the highest class from 1954 to 1957.

At the annual general meeting on January 13, 1956, Hugo Stift replaced Albert van Hall as club chairman after 16 years.

On the occasion of the inauguration of a new billiard table, there was a meeting with representatives of the KKBG and the German Billiard Association in Weberstadt. The managing director of the KKBG, Albert Stuhr, welcomed the then president of the DBB Karl Heinz Krienen, the state chairman Reimann, the multiple German champion Siegfried Spielmann, the representative of the Geldern billiards club Willi Diepmann and Dr. Grüters and the representatives of the Kleve district. The efforts were aimed at winning the district over to the German Billiard Association. The BC “Zur Heide” Goch became a member of the DBB and in 1959 was awarded the hosting of the German billiards championship in the free game.

In the same year the club changed its location and from now on played again in the old club location at Tön Kattelans. Through intensive training and courses with Siegfried Spielmann in Düsseldorf, some players achieved averages that had previously only been dreamed of. After Helmut Vehreschild, Franz Josef Fischer and the Dutchman Willi Reulen joined the club, the first team was placed directly in the upper league, where it was repeatedly found in the top third of the table in the following years.

In 1962 the national championships took place in Kevelaer. Willi Arnold was lucky enough to be able to play as a local hero. He achieved an unexpected third place behind Moonen (Lobberich) and Lenz (Gelsenkirchen). The following year he won the national championship title in Kiel. This outstanding sporting success was of course duly celebrated after his return. The reception committee was made up of Mayor Jansen, some representatives of other Goch clubs and the almost complete billiards club “Zur Heide”. After a car parade through the town of Goch, we went to the club's restaurant, where the celebrations continued until the early hours of the morning.

From May 29th to May 31st, 1964, Tue played

e First team in Berlin for the German championship against Berlin, Munich and Bochum. Only 21 points separated the Weberstadt team from the silver medal. So they had to be content with the thankless fourth place. Nevertheless, it was a sporting success for the entire club and also for the city of Goch to be able to play among the last four teams in a German championship.
At the 25th anniversary celebration that took place on July 28, 1964, deserving club members were honored. Albert van Hali, Anton Welmsen and Willi Arnold were awarded a gold pin.

If you look back and add up the sporting successes of the teams and some individual players of the BC “Zur Heide” Goch, you will see that this Goch billiards club is one of the most successful clubs in the Lower Rhine and is worthy of the flags of the city of Goch in many places in Germany represented. And so the year 1965 was also peppered with sporting successes.
The first team secured the national championship title in Cadre 35/2 and qualified for the finals in Munich in an elimination game against Essen Steele. Bergisch Gladbach, Munich and Saarbrücken were also there. Unfortunately, with one draw and two defeats, only fourth place could be achieved.

Peter Güsters, Willi Arnold, Franz Josef Fischer and Willi Reulen became national champions for the third time in 1967 and went undefeated with an MGD of 34.20 to Bergisch Gladbach for the German championships, where they once again won with an MGD of 39 and 2:4 points only came an unfortunate fourth place.

After purchasing a large billiard table in the same year, Peter Güsters (on the right in the picture) won the national championship title in the free game on a large board for the first time and took part in the German competition in Berlin. He immediately achieved third place and thus the bronze medal.

In 1971, Willi Arnold returned from Oberlahnstein for the second time as the winner of the national championship and was the first Goch athlete to be entered in the Golden Book of the city of Goch.
After almost 20 years as chairman, Hugo Stifft was the first chairman to resign for reasons of age; Walter Tüß was his successor and Hugo Stift was made an honorary member. After Walter Tüß led the club for two years, Willi Arnold took over as chairman.

The year 1979 was to be of great importance for BC “Zur Heide” Goch. Of course, the club's 40th anniversary was a highlight, which was celebrated in a dignified setting at the Hotel Litjes.
Mayor Heinz van Ackern confirmed that the club had done good pioneering work for the entire billiards sport since its inception and emphasized that the city of Goch was proud to have such a sports community within its walls.

Co-founder, long-time chairman and still active at the time, Albert van Hall, was made an honorary member.
But then came the big bang in November 1979. After 40 years in the familiar Kattelans club premises, the tenant Brands sent the club notice of termination by registered letter dated November 16, 1979.
But then the first chairman Willi Arnold made the impossible possible. Within just an hour he found a new club location at Hans Sprick's at Gartenstrasse 62. Since Hans Sprick had just renovated his restaurant, the conditions for billiards were excellent.

The club members quickly became familiar with the new environment and the playing season was able to continue without interruption. Of those who took part in the parade, Peter Güsters, Heinz Broenen, Gerd Arnold, Wolfgang Pusch and Willi Günther still belong to the club today. With the addition of some strong players, the first team achieved promotion to the 2nd national league.

This year, Hugo Stifft will receive honorary membership for his many years as chairman of the BC “Zur Heide” Goch and his membership in the KKBG Council of Elders.

Willi Arnold presents our old club host Tön Kattelans with the honorary membership certificate. He was managing director for many years and club manager for over 30 years and donated his billiards to the club. Shortly before his 70th birthday he left us forever.

As early as 1984, the club's new landlord, Hans Sprick, had the idea of expanding his location. The board of BC “Zur Heide” was also quickly on board. After a long battle with the authorities, the time had come.

The foundation stone was laid on May 1, 1987. The band, members and onlookers came to wall up the casket created by Werner Males while having a drink. During the construction phase, some helped the club's landlord Hans Sprick and did a lot of the work themselves.

The work was completed on September 3, 1988. Willi Arnold welcomed the members and many invited guests to the opening of the new billiards floor, including: Representatives of the cash registers

, breweries, DBU, KKBG, as well as the deputy mayor of the city of Goch, Mr. Hans van Bebber, who carried out the official inauguration with a push on the new large billiard tables.

The large tables had their first test in mid-September. BC “Zur Heide” Goch hosted the state youth championship in the free game. The winner was Martin Horn from Essen, Germany's greatest young talent at the time, who is now one of the best three-cushion players in the world. He won with a GD of 133.33.
Roger Liere, who was second at the time, is now a household name in the German billiards scene.
Our billiards floor at the Gasthof Sprick


In April of that year, Willi Arnold returned to the Weberstadt from Quierschied near Saarbrücken as the undefeated national senior champion in the Cadre 35/2.

A week later, BC “Zur Heide” hosted the national championship in Cadre 35/2. Selke from Augsburg won and Gerd Arnold from the organizing club came seventh.
On June 10, 1989, the 50th anniversary was celebrated with a great festival program. In his speech, the first chairman, Willi Arnold, thanked everyone for what they had achieved.

Our youth work pays off. During this time, Andre Tebest became German youth champion twice in a row in the 17-19 year old class.

Barbara Thissen (Schmitz), Detlef Lemmen, Guido Münnix, Harald Schmitz, Jörg Günzel, Ralf Adams, Roland Heinen and Roland Joppich founded the pool department of BC “Zur Heide” Goch. They played in the league for the first time in 1995.

After a few successful years in the top league, BC “Zur Heide” Goch was there at the start of the new three-cushion master league in 1994/1995.
With the player reinforcements Jelle PijI, the best three-cushion player in the second highest class in the Netherlands, and Bernd Bielefeld from Krefeld, the Weberstadt team managed to win Group 1 and thus a playoff against the winner of Group B Saarbrücken-Schleifmühle.

It was about promotion to the first Bundesliga. The decisive battle took place in Frankfurt. After a hard fight and at the end with a bit of luck, the Gochers won 6:2. This was the greatest success in our club's history up to that point.
From May 5th to 7th, 1995, the BC “Zur Heide” hosted the German Cadre 52/2 championship. Harald Collet became a deserved champion. The Goch participants Siggi Bluhm and Helmut Reinowsky did not achieve more than respectable successes.

The 95/96 season was to be the most successful in the club's history.

"A provincial club penetrates the phalanx of the big boys" was an apt newspaper headline at the time. With three new signings, the BC "Zur Heide" took advantage of its outsider chances. European and runner-up world champion John Tijssens as well as old master and German billiards legend Günther Siebert solved a hitherto in the home games Billiards sparked unprecedented enthusiasm among the audience. Roger Liere and team captain Peter Bollerhey complemented the team in the First Bundesliga.

André Tebest continues his way to the top of Germany. In Regensburg he became runner-up at the German Junior Championships in three-cushion. In the free game he reached 5th place with 20 GD and in the Cadre 47/2 with 15 GD he even became runner-up.

In the German All-Around Team Championship 2nd Bundesliga, BC “Zur Heide” Goch came first and was promoted to the highest class. This was achieved by: Rene Liere, Roger Liere, Herman Kleinpenning and Helmut Reinowsky. So they were first division teams in both three-cushion and technology. The three-cushion team played with John Tijssens, Jürgen Kühl, Günther Siebert, Roger Liere and Peter Bollerhey. With a bit of luck on the last match day, relegation could be secured.

At the start of the playing season, the addition to the pool department will be completed. There are now three pool tables available and you can finally start playing with two teams. Thanks again to the club's host Hans Sprick for his support, which gave us this opportunity.

Two three-cushion teams and one technical team start in the Second Bundesliga: after a personnel loss, a difficult undertaking for all teams. The first three-cushion team still managed to get promoted back to the 1st Bundesliga, the second team had to be relegated and the technicians were able to stay in the league.

The pool department is growing and thriving and the new season is being tackled with two teams. The first team becomes association league champion and in the following season there are three teams at the start.

At the 1998 AGM, Walter Tüß resigned from the position of first chairman for health reasons and Peter Bollerhey became his successor. Due to his services to the sport of billiards, in particular his work for the BC “Zur Heide” Goch, he is awarded honorary membership.
The celebration of the club's 60th anniversary w

was celebrated in connection with the district winners' festival of the Moers/Rees district in the club restaurant.

The 1st team Pool becomes runner-up in the Oberliga. Superstar today, back then at the beginning: the Dutchman Hudji See (now world champion in 10-ball) strengthens the first team. The new team is starting with Sebastian Fuhrmann, Marco Reintjens, Richard Rütten, Matthias Thijssen and Eric van Haren.

Peter Bollerhey steps down as chairman and Walter van de Poll succeeds him in office.

Barbara Schmitz becomes state champion in 8-ball and travels to the German championship in Brandenburg. Senior Günther Wilms, who managed to take part in the 9-ball for Goch, is traveling with her.

Andre Tebest has arrived at the top of the German three-cushion team. In Munich and Erlangen he won the respective German Grand Prix tournaments against the assembled national top class.

At Hans Sprick's request, the name of the club was changed from BC “Zur Heide” Goch to BSF Goch.

A syndicate with the BF Sonsbeck is founded in the pool area, with four teams taking part in the league. It was agreed on the name PBG Sonsbeck/Goch. This lasts until 2012 and must then be ended. The Sonsbeckers had disbanded.

Walter van de Pool resigns for professional reasons and André Tebest takes over the leadership of BSF Goch.

By popular demand, a snooker table will be purchased.

After 15 years of Bundesliga three-cushion, the era in this discipline is ending. The first division team Technik also has to accept bitter relegation.
Pool billiards project in the Mittelkreis comprehensive school

The pool department is getting two new tables. We decide to set up the old tables in the Goch comprehensive school in order to attract young people there to our sport.

Pool billiards project in the Mittelkreis comprehensive school

The students have the opportunity to play billiards there twice a week. On Wednesday, all students who want to can play during the long lunch break; Friday is all about the billiards club.

The technicians are promoted back to the First Bundesliga. The correct term for this is: “elevator crew”. The descent then followed again. Andre Tebest resigns from his position as first chairman. Gerd Arnold is elected as acting chairman at the 2013 AGM.

On March 1st, the conversion of an old carpentry shop into a new clubhouse at Gartenstrasse 9 begins. Heinz Schmale and eager helpers from BSF Goch work nonstop so that the official opening can be celebrated on August 31st, 2013. Almost all members, the deputy mayor Ms. Gabi Theißen, representatives of the sponsors and associations appeared. This event took place in a dignified setting. We started the test run a week before with the DSC Goch with rock music and a barbecue stand.

At the 2014 AGM, Manfred Reinders, Harald Schmitz, Günther Mülder, Herman Kleinpenning and Gerd Arnold were newly elected to the board as chairman.
After a few months, viewed from a distance, the conclusion can be drawn: billiards and darts go very well together.

(Texts by Wilhelm and Gerd Arnold)

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