Disinfectant in the clubhouse

Corona-Logo mit Mundschutz und dem Untertitel Handdesinfektion

For additional hand disinfection - in addition to thorough hand washing - spray bottles with a skin disinfectant are available in the clubhouse.

It is sufficient to use it sparingly and then thoroughly distribute it on the hands.

Contents: ethanol 98%, glycerine 1.8%, fragrance oil 0.2%

In addition to the general rules of conduct in connection with the corona epidemic, all items that are used by several people must be disinfected before being passed on. In billiards, this includes auxiliary cues, etc. The edges of the gaming tables must be treated with a surface disinfectant after the game. The disinfectant is in the gaming room and should be sprayed onto a paper towel, with which the gangs are then wiped off.

Further information on the special hygiene requirements are available in the clubhouse and must be observed.