Come over and convince yourself

You are welcome to come to us in Gartenstrasse for a non-binding trial training session. Our players will be happy to accompany you through our clubhouse and show you what you can do in billiards and darts :-)

Caution: billiards is strongly addictive!

The best thing to do is to contact us using our contact form or write an e-mail so that we can find a suitable date. If you are then completely enthusiastic, we offer you our low member rates, which you can find listed below. Depending on whether you want to join as a hobby or league player, different tariffs apply, some of which result from the club's contributions to the league associations.


The member tariffs of the BSF-Goch at a glance

Supporting member 20 € per year
passive member 40 € per year
Schoolchildren, trainees and students 20 € quaterly
Retired as a hobby player 20 € quaterly
Members over 18 years as hobby players 25 € quaterly
Members over 18 years as league player KBBG 30 € quaterly
Members over 18 years as league player 50 € quaterly
Family fee for hobby players 15 € per month
Family fee for league players 25 € per month
Admission fee 25 € once

(Additional costs for cleaning and service may apply.)


Forms as PDF to fill out on the computer

The forms can be filled out on the computer and signed by hand after printing. Please hand in the completed and signed forms to the board of directors or send them to us by mail. (Unfortunately, fax or e-mail are not permitted.)

Match reports and straight pool as PDF